Friday, April 17, 2015


Enjoy this Sacred Poetry Moment book excerpt from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages To Change Your Life & The World by Phillip Elton Collins


What is this thing, this force called the I AM?

What exactly is present in this name?

A force, a presence that has no shame nor blame.

We hear The Christ, and the name Saint Germain,

Associated with this, the same.

Does anyone truly understand this name,

That has neither shame nor blame?

Let us now attempt to explain...

The I AM seems ancient in its claim

To have created all in this domain.

By the mere spoken word the power of creation

Is released in elaboration.

But since we are part of creation,

This I AM force is part of our self-relation.

The promise of this power

We are told is our, forever more.

Whatever follows the words I AM,

Life forces give mirth to the birth.

I AM first vibrates in the brain,

Followed by the flesh it becomes, the same.

I AM THAT I AM is also my name,

And I can know I am connected to all, with no shame.

It is the imperishable, eternal,

Individual identity of every human being,

Rather than doing, just being.

Perhaps, I AM is just what humanity needs,

To know it is already divine perfection, indeed!


The words love and light are throughout this inspiring book, and are ancient inner powers. Visit The Angel News Network under Books to enjoy words inspired by ancient messages. 

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"I am not doing things right; I am being things right enough..."

- Phillip Elton Collins 

Co-founder of the Angel News Network

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