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THE ASCENSION HANDBOOK Wisdom from the Two Marys 4/21/15






Channeled by Jessie Keener

Greetings beloveds, greetings beloved students, greetings beloved Joel, greetings beloved Phillip.

We are the Two Marys entwined in this frequency for the purpose of assisting humanity in their ascension process. We are delighted to commune with you at this time, at this very important time in this amazing month that you call April, which we would say, from a human perspective, has been quite a roller coaster ride.

Everywhere you look across the sea of humanity there is disruption and change. There is the expected and mostly the unexpected. Have you noticed that as you have gone down a certain path, even in the last few weeks, it seems to be changing and twisting and turning with all these surprises and unexpected things arriving in your lap? Have you noticed that it seems a little more difficult than ever to go in a straight line, so to speak?

Indeed, the times that you are in are shaping your immense ability to be flexible in acceptance and surrender. The times that you are in are actually paramount to your process.

So it is time to stop judging the times that you are in and asking yourself, when will we hurry up and get there? It is time to start embracing the very chaos that you are experiencing as the perfect training ground—almost like the perfect exercise routine for your ascension process.

Indeed, that is a great analogy for you.  Many of you have exercised with personal trainers or danced with instructors or coaches, or have done physical things such as yoga with teachers. All of this training and development is so that you can have grace in your body. Is it not?

It is the same with your lives every day. The training and development from the chaos is so that you can learn to have such an expanded state of grace that all the chaos is perfect for you. It is absolutely perfect for you.

There is a lot of conversation these days about what is not right in your world. Indeed, it is fruitless to contemplate. There is no value in this contemplation. There is no value in the discussion. Instead, we highly suggest you start to value your connection more.

For when you are evaluating how it is going out there are you truly in your connection? The answer is quite obvious. So, indeed, it is about cultivating this giant garden within yourself that connects with all of the creation because you are connected to all of creation.

It is dicey for humans to navigate the world of connectivity when all of your training and development, at least until more recently, has been to be hypnotized with the rules of separation. Is separation real? On the one hand it is. On the other it is absolute illusion.

But for the purposes of your ascension, you must all train and develop yourselves fully to understand that the ego is a trap. This is not unique and has been talked and written about and explored. There have been many challenges for many high beings who have been humans on your planet who strove to maintain that grace of connection under great challenge.

Indeed, you call them tests. They are necessary. It is necessary to know what will trick you. It is necessary to know where you tend to get discombobulated or disconnected. It is in your best interest to hold loosely the notion that all of this, on the one hand, is illusion and on the other hand it is very real.

This involves such a high level of cognitive dissonance; yet, very few people study and train how to be engaged with both and to cultivate the part that understands deeper and deeper the notion that this is all illusion. You already have a light body. You already can play with it. You can do great things with it. On the other hand there is this part of you that still lives in lack and limitation and doubts that you are, indeed, the miracle that you are.

So it is that all who have gone before you who have succeeded in their ascension have had to master their challenges. Some of these challenges were physical challenges such as being put on a cross. Other challenges were challenges of the mind.

In the Egyptian temples the priests and the priestesses had to train greatly so that they could maintain their awareness of the illusion even when the illusion itself was attacking them through being visited by demons, apparitions and very fearful entities. For you in today’s world, your apparitions and demons are appearing on television as politicians, celebrities and even people who think they have a handle on the truth.

But, as you know, the truth absolutely lies within. And so it is that you must become skillful with cognitive dissonance. It is actually being studied more and more as the mastery of the mind. To actualize yourself, you must have a brain that calibrates at very high frequencies. How are you going to achieve this in practical terms? What will you do to continue to train yourself for higher and higher levels of vibration?

It requires training, beloveds.

When we walked with beloved Jesus we trained constantly. We trained with utter abandon. We knew our mission had an end point. We knew that our time was running out long before it ran out. It is a little different for you, perhaps even a little more challenging because you don’t know when your time will run out. You don’t know that there will be a betrayal and a crucifixion. You don’t know what state of the prophesy you’re in. So in a way it is trickier now than it was for us, for we knew.

This is Mother Mary speaking to you. I trained for hundreds and hundreds of years to become the entity that is Mother Mary. Do you think it’s worth training in this lifetime? Keep it in perspective, beloveds. You don’t know your timeline. We can’t give you your timeline. We can simply say, it is in your best interest to act as if your mission is time dated. It is in your best interest to act with your practices as if this could be your very last day. Not with regret and remorse, but with fulfillment.

As you studied in the previous discourse, it is really up to you to design the day to be powerful. As you learned this evening and studied further how important it is to take ahold of yourself, manage yourself, so that you are speaking to yourself in a container of love, so that your actions are in a container of love.

Can you be enraged and beat your pillows and still be self-loving? You can. It is all a continuum, beloveds. As you practice and practice you will reach a point where you no longer need to express rage. You will actually register it completely differently. You will be aware of a sensation in your body, and you will transmute it instantly without even thinking of it. It will be automatic. But that is the reward of great practice. That is the reward that comes to you from diligent discipleship.

So we say to you now, do not be stingy with yourself. Be fully engaged in your spirituality. Yes, you can do it while driving in traffic. Yes, you can do it at work. Yes, you can do it when you are telling the bill collector that you don’t have the money quite yet. Some things have not changed since our time. The tax collectors have just visited you, have they not? Some things don’t change.

But you, beloveds, you’re here because you wish to change. You are here because you know the longing in your heart to belong to your ecstatic union. We champion your efforts and we say to you, it is not required that you suffer. Yet, the antidote to suffering is great diligence with your practicing. Does this make sense, beloveds?

Do you have questions on this topic, beloveds?

Joel: Can you expound a little about how we waste our time suffering?

Two Marys: You have become so conditioned to suffering that often you don’t even know you are doing it. Everything from wanting to stretch your body while you’re sitting at a desk to wishing you could say something different to your co-worker but are afraid to, to wondering, not with the innocence of a child but with the sense of resignation, how will this turn out for me? Will I make it, whatever it is?

So we recommend that you start to become more conscious of your ability to sense  what is happening in your body. Not the minutia—is my liver turning out the right enzymes—but of your senses. Am I feeling alive? Am I feeling awakened? Am I feeling called forth to move, to take some appropriate action?  Or am I feeling stuck? Am I feeling suppressed? Am I feeling fearful? Am I feeling resigned, tired?

You see, beloveds, it is all about your energy. So it is almost if you are going to develop a light switch. And the light switch will simply be to acknowledge the suffering. How do you switch it? Not by the concept of a notion, but you must switch it in your body. You are always in transmission, but you block it with your antennae, beloveds. (Don’t sense or feel it.)

Start to breathe into the notion that I am always in full transmission. Start to give that value. Start to train and develop yourself to recognize what your body is showing you, whether you want it or not. You have a pain in your body? Guess what? That’s you blocking full transmission. You have problems with your organs? That is you blocking full transmission.

Not right, wrong, good or bad. It is up to you, beloveds. Do you want your full glory? Do you want your body fully awake and alive and able to sustain itself indefinitely with as little as the act of breathing? Do you want your endocrine glands plump, beautiful, full of vitality? Or do you want what is normal and customary as you reach those “golden years”, as you call them, and have your glands disintegrating and degenerating?

You see, beloveds, it is all up to you. You have never, as humanity, ever had this much support for your process in ascension. Not as humanity. So as you continue to belong to the collective, understand that you are in full transmission, whether you are acting like it or not, whether you are taking appropriate action in step with that transmission or not.

We wish you to, as this channel would say, pump up your body, fill your bodies with energy, keep them hydrated, keep them healthy, not just through food and healthy water, but also through movement.

We had a very big advantage when we walked on the surface. We had no automobiles. If we had to move distances, we had beasts of burden or we walked. And, by the way, for those of you who have never ridden a beast of burden, it is not exactly an easy ride. It is an endeavor. So you have your automobiles, you have your desks, and it is true that your bodies are not sustaining the frequencies required for ascension.

Your light body is already intact. Now, would you fill your own physical form with the energy required to sync it up and flow with it?  That is all, flowing with it. Being in flow is everything, beloveds. How do you know you’re in flow? You are not suffering. Are there any other questions at this time?

Joel: How do you amp the body up, get the energy flowing so we don’t have all those physicals problems?

Two Marys: Indeed, this is a most excellent question. Perhaps you will not love the answer. But perhaps you will learn to love the answer. It requires vigorous exercise, vigorous breath work, vigorous attention to what creates energy in the body. It is not mamby pamby. It is not do a little and get a little relief and then drift away. It is about regular, consistent exercise, which was built into our lifestyles, beloveds.

Remember this, it was built in. So perhaps that is a more important distinction to highlight. Once again, in this way it is more difficult, but the rewards are just as great. So you have to carve it out for yourselves. You have to design it in. That is why we said at the beginning, you have to design your day to be powerful.

There are spiritual teachers out there who don’t even design in their lunch meal. How can this carry the day? It cannot. When you understand how the endocrine glands function, and you understand what the body requires and how not giving what the body requires robs the endocrine of its vitality and flow, then it starts to make more sense.

There are many vigorous breath traditions. One yogic tradition is called Breath of Fire, but in our Helpful Hints we have the Spirit Breath. Here is a new twist on the Spirit Breath. What if you practiced that breath one second in and one second out? We promise you, you will be blown away by the energy you feel in your body. What if you did that several times a day? What if you started training yourself to prefer that high-energy state to any other state? Do you see how this could develop over time?

Do not take our word for the “one second in, one second out” Spirit Breath. You must try it yourself.  This channel when she is at the gym does the spirit breath with all of the repetitions of her exercise weights and equipment. You are trained to do your exertion on the exhale. When you lift a weight you breathe out. What if you applied the spirit breath to your repetition? That is what this channel does.

If you count the breaths in the spirit breath exercise, there are 13 inhales and exhales. No accident. So that is 13 repetitions of whatever it is that you are doing with your physical form to develop more muscle. If you want more reps, just add more breath.

So the take away is you are far too accustomed to feeling crappy, as this channel likes to say. You are far too used to suffering, to crappiness in your body, far too used to malaise and not enough energy. As we have said in the discourses you think of energy as a scarce commodity, like there is not enough oil, not enough gold and not enough energy. Absolute illusion.

But will you be that disciple? Will you put the yoke on and have your discipline? That is our invitation. And we want you to know we will be with you if you require and request us. Simply invite us in. You will feel our warmth. You will feel our love. You will feel our humor and our assertiveness at the right time. So you may ask for us.

Obviously, we can be in vast numbers of places at the same time. We are not unique in this frequency to this channel. Many others are channeling us in this exact frequency and others are channeling us in various frequencies that are similar to this frequency. So guess what beloveds? You could be next.

We acknowledge your courage. We acknowledge your desire. We acknowledge your stick to it ness, your relentlessness and even, for some of you, your ruthlessness with yourselves and your spirituality. We know what you do, and we know what you have done. And remember, beloveds, love is always enough. Be in peace.



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  1. Oh jeez, I hate exercise! LOL I guest it really is time to get off my butt and do more than walk my dogs and cats. Yes, I said walk my cats. They love to walk with the dogs and I. I want to thank you Joel, channeler, and the Two Mary's for this enlightening and much needed to hear message. But yuk,exercise!