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THE ASCENSION HANDBOOK Discourse Four: Design Your Day To Be Spiritually Powerful






Discourse Four


The discourse today is to deepen the awareness, the awakening, one gained from the conversation of the previous discourse, HAVE A COMPASSIONATE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, which, of course, implies compassion with self. Because God is all there is, it implies compassion for others. That, of course, is the state of grace from which humanity can ascend.

This discourse is to take it to the next stage, which is “beingness”—the beingness in every moment of compassion and choice. In every moment Ascension is happening. In every moment species are evolving, multi-dimensional beings are expanding. Everything is ascending whether humanity thinks so or not. So choose consciously in each moment to allow grace, to allow beauty, to allow spaciousness.

We recommend that every student design what we would call a SURVIVAL KIT for their day. This involves discipline and structure, of course. That is why most spiritual adepts come from long years of living in ashrams and temples so they can be so structured that there is nowhere to go but inward to their God.

We are often entertained by the surprising lack of discipline and structure that even very powerful spiritual beings engage in. It is as if they would have a powerful day without designing it to be that way. So this discourse is about literally taking the time to design a SPIRITUAL SURVIVAL KIT for your day.

How do you begin the day? How do you start your relationship with God when you open your eyes? Once you have designed your day, what structures do you need to have in place in the event that you forget and fall from grace? How will you know that you have fallen? Write these things down. What are the signals? Keep them very short and concise—heart races, palms sweat, throat gets dry and breathing gets shallow. Don’t analyze them. Simply start to train yourself. What are the signals I need to be aware of to recognize I am disconnecting, so I can then grab a tool and reconnect to engage in 100% of full self-expression?

We have observed that humanity, although mature in some ways, is very much like a small child needing great structure and guidance. They need to be taught how to actually live each day. They have forgotten, and there is so much distraction.  So the light workers, the way showers, must have structure and discipline.  

How will you get yourself from “the disconnect” back to full, glorious self-expression of the divine love that you are? How will you create that bridge? What is choice A? What is plan B if choice A isn’t working and perhaps even plan C.

When all else fails what will I do? Can you see how valuable it becomes in a spiritual family, in a soul family, in a spiritual community, in any group, when each and every person is practicing conscious living for each day?

So it becomes a joy to have a day, but not a concept of joy. It becomes joy FULL. It is very important that the survival tool kit be clear for every adept student. Plan choices A, B, C. Here is who I will call, not to tell the story of it, but to remind me that I can do choice A, B and C. I have the courage. I will get the courage. I will use their courage. I will then get off the telephone and do my yoga, put on my yoke.

This concept of living a conscious day has been discussed recently in popular films such as THE SECRET. But it goes back to ancient times when spiritual adepts consciously chose every activity and structure in their day.

We understand the mischief of getting too caught up in semantics and literal translations. The context is always the most important thing for the student. Rather than worrying that you don’t fully get it, be with the context. As I plan my compassionate day with myself as God is it feeling loving, peaceful and enjoyable? Am I loving myself in this process? Am I like a small child saying, “Oh goody, I get to have a glorious day?”

We recommend that you state your mission each day out loud with your right hand on your heart chakra. Thank yourself at the beginning of your day for fulfilling your mission that day. Then we recommend that you humbly bow to yourself in recognition of your greatness that you fulfilled the mission you have just stated. Then practice some spirit breath exercises. (See Helpful Hints.)

So that is your ritual and practice at the beginning of the day. It will take approximately three minutes. Carry your survival tool kit with you throughout the day. There are not going to be many items in the survival tool kit. For some, it will only be two or three things. For others, maybe four or five. More than five things, you have not followed the discourses. You need to return to them. In the previous discourse we stated that the student really is only at work on one thing. So if you have more than five tools in the Survival Tool Kit, the mind is scattered and busy collecting things versus practicing those things.

We recommend a quick series of breathing exercises to return you to cosmic consciousness, a quick affirmation, a quick clearing of one’s energy field (See Helpful Hints.) Notice that we continue to repeat the word quick. It is time for humanity to stop wallowing in their separation and to simply move with their tools. Move, practice, practice, practice

At the end of the day when my head hits the pillow, I get to be fully grateful that I have been an adept student. I have been gleefully reaching for my tools, joyfully attending to my duties, singing songs in my heart, breathing into my glorious physical body, thanking myself for being God desiring all of this. Now I can go to sleep at night. Can you imagine what starts to happen to humanity when they start thanking themselves for being God?

We recommend that be the final piece of the structure for your day.  Before you take yourself to a different dimensional plane as you go to sleep, THANK YOURSELF FOR BEING GOD AND DESIRING ALL OF THIS.

And so, in Ascension, the discipline is to consistently, compassionately and slowly but surely over time SUSTAIN FREQUENCIES IN THE PHYSICAL BODY that would be miraculous to an average human of this Western civilized culture. When you can sustain those frequencies, it is completely normal to dematerialize and rematerialize. This is completely within reach for those who practice continually over time to increase the frequencies of what the physical body is able to sustain. The physical body is designed for this, beloved students. Your physical form is designed for immortality.

More and more humans will start to recognize how much power they can physically have, for example, by practicing conscious breath work. Again we always wish to make the distinction, never confuse power with force—power being that which is divinely given, that which is of God, that which is of divine intelligence. That is the power and the glory. Force is man made. Force is ego, separation and duality. Force is not empowerment

Imagine teenagers, who would normally be getting their kicks from drugs, video games or caffeinated beverages, if they discovered they could become ecstatic through breathing. Imagine when your aging population discovers that whether they are ambulatory or not they can have ecstasy in their body in a few minutes. Indeed, creating ecstatic union in the body for most people is going to become the most important thing in their lives. Think about it. What else would they want once they know it’s available?

J: They can do it themselves. They don’t have to get a degree, spend a lot of money or consult a priest, minister or guru.

M: Indeed. That is the blessing of the times you are in. It is the ability to take simple, profound pieces of information and broadcast them quickly and thoroughly. Conscious breath work is an example of just one practice. There are many other practices, but if you examine the lessons of every great spiritual path, the breath is central to the teachings. In your culture today the breath is fundamentally important because the mind is so in front of the heart. The breath allows one to harness the mind and slow it down very quickly.

J: My Archangel Gabriel book is loaded with the word, breath, but I only started noticing it when I began to work with Jessie. I have seen that word so many times and never really paid much attention to it.

M: It is the same conversation we had earlier in the discourse. When you start to question your relationship with God and when you start to question your relationship with your breath, you see the power. That is when full engagement can start to occur. But it is only because you are questioning your relationship with it now. Hmm, is there something more for me? Hmm, I have seen this before. Hmm, this keeps coming up, etc.

We refer now to the concept of the hundredth monkey. We delight in that term because we know that many people in your culture understand the concept of the hundredth monkey. So when humanity has a hundred groups of people all saying, hmm, this thing about breath. It shows up in this book. It showed up in that book. It has shown up before in my life. Then it begins to rapidly escalate. Once humanity escalates their desire to have more ecstatic union, we will have humanity in Ascension.  Do you see?

J: I absolutely do because the idea of the tipping point is well recognized in our culture. That book has been on the best-seller list for years.

M: Indeed. The culture is wide-awake about what that means. They simply have not had sufficient conversations about this. It is time. It is not simply the frequencies of the Two Marys. It is simply time.  Enough people understand the phenomenon of the tipping point. They get it.

J: This material is so powerful, easy and accessible.

M: Indeed. That is the gift. That is the intention of this frequency, nothing more, nothing less. Strong, clear communication like the firm hand of a mother guiding the child and then removing the firm hand when enough momentum has been achieved so that the child can run through the field in delight.

So that is the discourse: The notion of relationship with God, the notion of relationship with yourself, the notion of thanking yourself for being God that desired all this, the notion of designing your day in a blueprint that is a resonance of your spiritual DNA, that is a holographic harmonic of your soul blueprint, your signature key, your notes, your song.

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