Monday, April 13, 2015

THE ASCENSION HANDBOOK: Wisdom from the Two Marys

Channeled By Jessie Keener

Interviewed/Edited By Joel D. Anastasi

TWO MARYS: When you activate the light body from the third dimension, it is all about experiencing more. So, indeed, there is a certain level of mastery required in activating in the third dimension. More electricity, more brain activity, more electrical impulses, and the light body activates. As you continue to practice, you will continue to receive more sensory awakening. Do you see, beloved Joel?

JOEL: Would you explain what the light body is and the role it plays in our spiritual development?

M: Indeed. To keep it simple and pragmatic, the light body is the electrical field that literally and organically generates the physical body. Everything that is physical is actually composed of minute particulates, energy moving bits of light. The light body is your gateway for Ascension. Your physical body is your contact point from where you begin. It is always essential, in order to progress, to know where to begin. That is why we consistently remind the students, practice the exercises that increase the energy in your physical body. Start to master discomfort at different energetic states in the body and become adept at shifting energy in your body. So those practices are the very muscles, so to speak, that require full engagement for the Olympic event of fully activating the light body.

Like an athlete always conditioning, practicing you multi-dimensionality is required for your Ascension, practicing the exercises that create more light force energy, more chi as they call it in Chinese medicine and philosophy, the Holy Spirit in Christian terms. For the Holy Spirit is the energy that holds it all together. Does this make sense, beloved Joel?

J: It does. If I keep my light body in my consciousness as I do the energetic exercises, that would seem to me to help set a clearer intention for what I am doing and what I am seeking to achieve.

M: Indeed, for in that clarity there is a generation of more energy. Many students resonate with the notion of a light body. The more you visualize it, imagine it, acknowledge it, be with it, whether in meditation or in the shear intention in the back ground of your entire being, whether you draw it on paper, whether you look at pictures of other artist’s renditions of light bodies, all of these are very, very helpful. Light bodies, in a human way, long for your complete connection. It is already connected with you. It is time for you to connect with it. All the great teachers have taught that humans must prepare the body, must prepare the nervous system, for the shear energy of full activation.

J: From my perspective as a teacher I think it would be very helpful to help people truly understand that working with our light bodies is a critical part of  developing consciousness.

M: Indeed, but not as a specific thing to focus on exclusively but more like an idea. The odds are if a student can conceptualize it and go into fantasy about it, she will.  In another way it is more about that longing in the heart, the longing in your emotional, psycho awareness for that connection and the freedom that moving into the light body allows. For example, remembering your favorite dream ever in this lifetime and then remembering, oh, that is a fraction of what the freedom of my light body would be like. Can you see?

J:  I have only recently begun to realize how clearly Gabriel made the point that breath work is the foundation of much of the spiritual activity and growth we are looking to achieve. I never really noticed that the first many times I revisited the book.

M: It is absolutely true. The reason so few embrace the pragmatic application of these teachings is because they have a feeling of discomfort with the rigor and the discipline that it requires. They take the path of least resistance as opposed to harnessing themselves and using their internal discipline for surrendering and breathing further to get to the transformational stage that that process promises.

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