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THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Relationships

A Message from Archangel Gabriel
Channeled by Robert Baker

An Excerpt from The Second Coming;
Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age


J: When you say we have to change ourselves first, are you simply saying that when we encounter differences, we should respond with love rather than with hostility?

G: Well, yes, but you cannot do that unless you respond with love instead of hostility in yourself to yourself. Therefore, first you must be at peace with you. You must be at harmony with the you within because you certainly can’t be in harmony with the world unless you’re in harmony with yourself. Charity begins at home. So, it’s important that you integrate you first, that you do your internal process to be at peace with you and awaken the soul in you. Then you can love one another. You can only love one another as you love yourself. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love one another because you’re only having one relationship, and that’s a relationship with yourself. And you train others to relate to you by how you relate to yourself.

If you are in duality rather than full acceptance of yourself, how can you possibly be in full acceptance of others? If you’re not able to integrate the wholeness of your individuality and respect and honor it and experience the integrity of it, how can you ever possibly expect to do that with the individuality of everyone else? You can’t. Therefore, the blueprint begins with you. This was the example of the Christ.

J: I suppose I should know how to do that. Did you have something specific in mind?

G: Yes, you need to deal with all of your past history. Deal with all the traumas and conflicts within you. Deal with everything within yourself that divides you from loving yourself and accepting yourself unconditionally and completely. And you should be able to separate, reveal, and share every part of your being without reservation and without judgment. How many parts of yourself are you able to share? How many parts of yourself are you able to accept? What are the parts of yourself that you hide, that you are ashamed about, that you cannot accept? What feelings within yourself do you find difficult to embrace and accept and respond to? These are all divided parts of yourself, all parts of yourself you’ve disowned or suppressed or judged or shamed. Do you see? All of that needs to be owned. All of that needs to be brought into integration. All of that needs to be healed.

J: There’s such an unfortunate conflict between some of the followers of Mohammed and some followers of Christianity and Judaism.

G: There is no conflict. The conflict lies in the way in which the people have distorted the ideology into duality. At their root, they all say the same thing, and they’ve all been saying it for thousands of years: Love one another. Love one another. Buddha said it. Krishna said it. Mohammed said it. Christ said it. We are saying it. Love one another as you love yourself. You can only love one another as you are able to love yourself. Until you are able to love yourself, you cannot love one another. As long as you are separated from yourself, you will be separated from one another. There’s nothing out there. The only relationship you’re having is one with yourself. There is only one God.

J: What you’re proposing is what all the spiritual teachers of the past have taught: love one another.

G: Of course. It starts with one person. Look at Jesus. Look at Buddha. Look at Krishna.

J: Well, we’ve known about Jesus and Buddha and all the other spiritual figures for centuries and ...

G: And you still haven’t gotten it. You have the path. You have the instructions. You have all the information. You just need to make the commitment to act upon it. But, you see, you must love yourself first. Love one another, he said, as you love yourself. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love another because the relationship that you’re having with another is the relationship you’re having with yourself. So if you’re not in harmony with yourself, if you’re not in oneness with yourself, if you’re in disagreement with yourself, you’re going to be in disagreement with another. If you’re in duality with yourself inside, if you’re in separation with yourself inside, if you’re in conflict with yourself inside, then that will be mirrored in your relationships with others.

Therefore, it comes back to taking responsibility for my relationship with myself. Then, and only then, can I be the example for another. Then and only then, by my example to myself and how I live my life, through the living of my life, through the action of it, through the demonstration of it, do I illustrate a new model, a better model that another can then look at and be inspired by to make a similar choice. But if I’m in conflict with myself, then I am creating a model of conflict, and I’m sustaining that model of conflict. It starts one on one. You are so used to looking at the problem from the point of view of “out there” rather than looking at where it starts.

The patriarchal system leads into the educational process. My way is right. I know and you don’t. It’s the same as the religious systems. We know who God is and we have Him locked up in the church down the street here and you don’t. One of the reasons that religion is the opiate of the masses is because the masses like to be told what to do. So religion is perfect for them because they have an elected official who will tell them who God is, what their relationship is with God, so they don’t have to bother having a spiritual experience of evolution within themselves. Very little religion has a spiritual focus. In order to be a spiritual being, you must be willing to take the responsibility of finding the evolution of the God experience within yourself as an individual—how it affects you, how it awakens and inspires your individual growth and the individual path of the revelation of your own soul.

Each man is his own redeemer. A church or a religion cannot redeem you. Your redemption comes in the discovery and development of who you are and what you discover you are within for the fulfillment and the growth of your potential as a human spiritual being. That can only be done on an individual basis. It can only be done alone. The irony and paradox of unity is that until you are willing to be alone with yourself, you cannot be unified with all that is. Until you can accept and embrace all that you are within yourself, it is impossible for you to do so with all that is outside of yourself.

J: What do you mean, it can only be done alone?

G: Being alone with yourself simply means being willing to take responsibility for your own path, your own growth, your own development. That is what being alone means. Being alone also means finding the ability to accept all that you are, both what you judge as good and as bad, as part of the wholeness of who you are.

J: All these rigid attitudes flow out of religions that have set rules of right and wrong.

G: Exactly. You see, the whole controversy based upon Mary and sex and spirit and why the Immaculate Conception took place without sex is because of the shame that mankind has for the idea of sexual union in the first place, that somehow the idea of sexual union is not spiritual.

J: That attitude still prevails today.

G: Of course it does. It’s simply an illustration of the three forces: the force of sex, the force of love, and the force of Eros, with the force of Eros being the force of spirit. The force of love being the force of the soul. The force of sex being the force of the physical. When the soul awakens the force of love, it brings together the union of Eros with the individual physical expression of sex. The will of God in Eros individuates into physical form through the physical relationship of sex and contains within it the awakening through the love force of the individual expression of God’s being. And until that is realized, you will live in separation and shame. The lower self will always be separate from the higher self. The physical will always be separate from the soul. And the soul and spirit will be separate from the physical. None of them is separate. They are all one. They are only separate in your consciousness.

J: How do we manifest what we want?

G: By being aware of your feelings and of whether you are accepting those feelings or resisting them. If you are resisting them, you are fighting them. You’re keeping them in place, and you need circumstances to fight them with. You see, if my fear in intimate relationships is the fear of rejection or abandonment, I will always attract someone who will reject and abandon me because that’s my commitment. I want a relationship where I can fight this feeling, this fear of abandonment and rejection. So I’ll always attract someone who is unavailable who abandons and rejects me. So I can maintain my commitment. Do you see?

J: Yes, but what is so frustrating is that people are affirming all the time what they believe they want: “I want a loving, fulfilling relationship.” And they’re getting the opposite.

G: That’s right, because fighting abandonment and rejection are more important than having a loving relationship. Their commitment is not to having a loving relationship. If they were committed to having a loving relationship, they would have to first accept their feelings that they want to avoid so they can move toward being loving. If you’re fighting abandonment and rejection, you’re not committed to being loving. You’ve committed to destroying something.

J: So what do we do?

G: Accept the feelings of abandonment and rejection so that the feelings are felt. Move through them and release them so that they’re not held inside to draw, attract, or magnetize circumstances to them so they can continue to fight what they’re avoiding. That’s why we spend so much time emphasizing accepting your feelings because your feelings are the magnetic property. They are the negative polarity of creation. Your thoughts are the positive polarity of creation, the male energy that goes out into the universe, creates the grid work in the etheric, in the astral. The emotions pull them back to your reality. If you’re resonating with the emotions of deservability, of acceptance, of love, then that’s the reality you will attract. If you’re resonating with avoiding feelings of being deprived, inadequate, unlovable, then you will attract circumstances to mirror that reality. It’s not a big mystery. People get what they’re committed to.

Everything that you see around you is an aspect of you. Everything that everyone experiences you can identify with on one level or another. Now you can accept it or not according to how you are able to accept and integrate it into yourself. So, in other words, when you can accept all of your feelings in yourself, then you are no longer ruled by your feelings or your emotional body because you are no longer trying to avoid anything, which then keeps it in your face as resistance and produces the pain of avoidance.
 If you are able to accept all of your feelings within yourself, then you have no problem in relationship to others because you will not be using them to either get rid of a feeling or give you a feeling. Therefore, you will no longer be creating desires and attachments with other people for them to determine your experience of reality, your feelings or lack of feelings, your positive or negative feelings. When you can accept all of your feelings and take responsibility for your own behavior, your own choices, so that your choices are not determined by someone else, then you don’t make someone else responsible for the experiences that you have in life.

You are responsible for your own experiences in life by what you choose, how you choose and through what kind of commitment you choose. Whether it is to try to avoid something or whether to accept and love something. That makes you free. Every aspect of another human being is an aspect of yourself because you are a part of the collective consciousness and you are a part of every experience that every human being has. And you will go through all the growth patterns that they go through. And they will experience the same thing with you because everything that you see around you is a part of your growth process, your learning process, your unification process.

You will then see where you are able to unify within yourself or not according to what you are able to accept within yourself or not as you see mirrored around you. For instance, you know that if you are fighting a feeling, you will have people and circumstances around you that will give you the opposition necessary so that you can continue to fight that feeling.

J: So if I don’t like certain people, they’ll keep showing up?

G: Oh yes, because it’ll be based upon the feelings they evoke or seem to evoke. It’s not that you don’t like the person. It’s that you don’t like how you feel when you’re in relationship with him or her. You don’t like the things the person does that evoke certain feelings with which you’re not at peace. You can’t love that part of yourself or accept that part of yourself; therefore, you’re not going to accept that behavior in the other.

J: So if I don’t like certain people, they’ll keep showing up?

G: Oh yes, because it’ll be based upon the feelings they evoke or seem to evoke. It’s not that you don’t like the person. It’s that you don’t like how you feel when you’re in relationship with him or her. You don’t like the things the person does that evoke certain feelings with which you’re not at peace. You can’t love that part of yourself or accept that part of yourself; therefore, you’re not going to accept that behavior in the other.

J: So help me deal with that. You may have explained it, but obviously I haven’t quite gotten it yet.

G: Well, in any given situation all you need do is ask yourself: how do I feel? Then when you ask yourself how you feel, ask yourself: am I honoring what I need in this situation—or not? Now, based upon how I feel, if it’s a negative feeling that comes up, obviously there is something within yourself that you are not honoring because it’s evoking a feeling you are having a difficult time accepting. So you need to ask yourself, what is it I need in this circumstance? What is it I need but have not expressed that is taking me out of balance, is making me resistant to what feelings are coming up? Because those feelings are coming up for a reason. They are coming up to indicate to me that there is a need behind this feeling that I’m not acknowledging. Behind every feeling you have is a fulfilled or unfulfilled need. If it is a negative feeling, then it usually is evocative of a need that has not been exercised, fulfilled, and/or identified.

For most people it is a need that has not been identified. So maybe somebody is dominating the conversation and I feel left out. I feel unheard. I feel unseen. What is the need behind those feelings that I am making the other person responsible for? The need for me is to speak up, to express my feelings or my opinion or my point of view or what is important to me in the situation, to give myself equal space and time in the situation to express who I am.

J: I am trying to link the idea of loving one another as you love yourself with the idea of as you see others, you see aspects of yourself and then loving all of them as you would yourself. In many social situations I find myself gravitating to some people and avoiding others. I feel as though I should learn to love them and not pull away. And I feel a sense of guilt about it.

G: Well, again, you see, it’s about selection. It’s about choosing that which honors your resonance. You see, everything seeks its own level. That does not mean that any of it is good or bad. There’s nothing bad about this group of people or that group of people. It’s simply that it’s a certain level of experience and learning that sustains and maintains its own level. People enjoy and revel in that. They support one another and gather together to create that resonance and that reality.

Within all the different levels of reality available to you, you have freedom of choice as to which levels of reality you wish to participate in and which ones you don’t. And that is your right and that’s quite all right. But it’s not about making them bad or wrong, good or superior or inferior. It’s simply about choosing what you resonate with and honoring your own resonance.

For instance, why is it that you choose one person to be your friend as opposed to another person? You choose a person because there are certain things that you resonate with together and because you experience a certain communion, a certain something in common. Just as, for instance, when you put out the material of Gabriel, not everybody is going to resonate with it. There are people who are going to go, “I have no idea what that means, and I have no interest” because they don’t resonate with it. They’re not at that level of understanding that it means anything to them or it has any attraction to them whatsoever.

J: There’s nothing wrong with that. They just don’t resonate with it.

G: That is correct. They just don’t resonate with it because it’s not at the level of learning with which they relate because they are just at another level of incarnational development. Therefore, it’s very important to understand that all of the different forms that are available where teaching and learning and participation and all that sort of thing are concerned are not right, wrong, good, or bad. They’re all there for somebody’s commitment.

A Message from Archangel Gabriel

Synchronicity and Love

When you are at a certain level of soul development, you operate through a different frequency from other souls. Therefore, you begin to operate through the law of attraction or what is sometimes called the divine order of synchronicity. But synchronicity is not really synchronicity. It is the laws of attraction based upon the laws of quantum physics that when an energy of a certain level maintains a field, it begins to create a resonance that attracts things of similar resonance into its field. Therefore, as a soul you're drawn to a particular field of energy. So you are drawn to someone for instance, through various coincidences or synchronicities. But those synchronicities were based upon people who maintained like frequencies that created the connections. So if you maintain that and if you maintain that space in your consciousness, then everything that happens can operate through that law of the universe, which is that like attracts like based upon its frequency.

Synchronicity is the law of the order of the universe. When the lower human will is in operation, then man is separated in isolation and he is operating through that lower will and imposing that lower will upon circumstances to control them because he doesn't trust his connection to the universe. The laws of synchronicity operate perfectly in nature, so the laws of nature operate in synchronicity with one another.

Because of his individual choice, man is the only one who gets out of synchronicity. When he is in the flow, trusting his place and his connection to the universe, the law of synchronicity can be in operation. Then all kinds of things happen that you call coincidences that create those connections. But most people don't recognize those connections when they have them because they're too busy trying to control things. They have a certain agenda about how things should be. My will, not thine be done.

You can get into the flow of synchronicity so that it works for you by operating through the heart. The heart is the synchronistic pattern of the soul. Everything in the earth plane is synchronized to the heartbeat of the earth. The heartbeat of the earth moves at a certain number of hertz or vibrations per second. And the human body, based upon the heart, is synchronized with the heartbeat of the earth. That's why when you go into nature you calm down and you feel at peace. The heart feels at peace and opens because you are synchronizing with the heartbeat of the earth. So allow your heart to lead you because the heart is the doorway to the soul. The heart is the intuitive organ that relates directly to communication from the soul. The soul is the divine aspect of being that governs the law of synchronicity in physical matter.

There are times when you think you are following your heart, but you are following emotional attachments instead. There's a difference between emotional attachments and the heart. The heart speaks to you from within based upon your connection to your inner knowing, into your intuitive divine factor. Emotion is something that operates through the lower self. So sometimes people let their feelings create their attachments to ideas, concepts, situations, or persons. They project their feelings onto events, circumstances, and situations, and then they say, "I'm following my heart." Following your heart is a very quiet, powerful, all-knowing experience. It is a place of silence in the center of your being. It is the connection to the core of who you are. Feelings are all over the place.

Some may get caught up in their hormones and think that that is their heart. This has nothing to do with your heart. That has to do with your sexual organs. Sometimes it's hard to know which is which because human beings tend to interpret their sexual attractions as love. They tend to make sexual attachments related to desire and interpret that as love. The heart operates through the love force. The love force is the expression of the truth of your being that comes from the core of you, your soul. So in your love you are in the revelation of the truth of your being, and you are exposing that revelation of the truth of your being and using that as your guide. When you connect that to your sexual energy that can direct your sexual energy. The truth of your being directs your sexual energy, rather than your sexual energy directing the truth of your being, interfering with it and distorting it.

Most people use sexual energy to create an attachment or to use someone as an object to gratify a desire, to release a little tension where their sexual organs are concerned, and that produces a yearning and an attachment. All desire produces attachment. Attachment has nothing to do with connection. Connection has to do with fusion. It has to do with two beings who are able to surrender themselves to themselves and, therefore, to one another.

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