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TEACHINGS OF MICHAEL: The Ending of the Old and Moving to Truth by Jeff Fasano

Teachings of Archangel Michael
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

The Ending of the Old and Moving to Truth

Dear Ones, many of you are taking another step toward the unknown and this may frighten you deeply. 

By taking this step can you honor and value your self to allow the feelings you have avoided?

All of you have avoided this one specific feeling, the feeling of being out of control.

It is most important now to see that all of you have tried to control your destiny in this lifetime. Have tried to figure it out in the mental body. As relationships are beginning to come to its contractual end you are finding that some of these relationships represented that. You even tried to control the relationship.

It is now time Dear Ones to spread your wings and fly.

As many aspects of the Old life for each and every one of you are coming to an end, look at where you may be grasping to hold on to it.

Look at where you are trying to save a relationship, looking to extend the expiration date on the contract.

Look at where you are fighting energetically, tooth and nail to stay in the old.

What are the feelings that are coming up, now that you are moving to a place that you have never known in the unknown?

How does that make you feel?

What does that make you feel?

What are the most important feelings that are coming up now that you need to integrate?

Multi-dimensional energies are now entering into your third dimension to assist you in releasing the old. They are coming in to usher in new multi-dimensional energies and most importantly the new multi-dimensional messages. 

Many of you are feeling an upheaval physically.

Many are feeling that there is an emptiness in your life.

Many are feeling as if you are moving through life slowly and nothing is happening.

In your physical being-ness, in the energetic vortexes within your physical body, in the depth and breadth of your cellular structure, there is a deeper clearing of the old memory.

In order to facilitate this, these multi-dimensional energies are moving in to act as a vacuum to usher out the old. This not only is happening within you in the microcosm this is also happening in your earthly third dimensional plain in the macrocosm. What you are finding are more of the old aspects, the old paradigms and patterns and attachments in your third dimensional realm, the earthly plain, being revealed. Revealed also in your government, where the depth and breadth of the un-truth is revealed.

What We are moving you towards is another depth of truth.

What is being ushered out is the Old, the un-truth.

Old attachments to relationships is what you need to learn to realize that they are old. 

When you look at your relationships, where is the truth is and where is the un-truth?

Perhaps you are finding that the un-truth was the relationship.

We had asked you many times in the past to look at your relationships. To look at how you used relationships and how you had been used in relationships. It is time to look at your relationships to find this. Find out the truth of the relationship. Thus finding the truth about you and realizing how you used this wonderful and glorious soul to avoid whatever it is you needed to avoid.

The fear that is coming up as the contracts in relationships are ending, is the fear of standing on your own in your truth. What each of you has done by committing to Self Mastery is to move into the truth. Many of you are moving into your truth kicking and screaming. It is the old adage, "Look out for what you ask for."

What you have asked for is coming to fruition in truth. What you are being faced with now is truth. Truth is staring directly at you, in front of you on your pathway. The truth is being in the reality of where you are moving towards the unknown. It always has been the unknown and everyone tried to control it. It is time to realize that feeling and integrate that feeling.You are moving on this pathway looking to integrate the feelings that you always had avoided and therein lies a fear for all of you. What you are frightened of is actually moving to the depth and breadth of the feelings and integrating them. It is most important that you realize this.

It is most important now to begin to look at life and at the depth and breadth of JOY. To look at the glass as full, not look at the emptiness inside but entertain the emptiness. Entertain all of your feelings.

It is time to look out onto that pathway, at the horizon as you have now moved into a place of what you would call "No Man's land". As you stand looking out around you, up into the heavens, the darken sky you may see nothing. Breathe deeply, breathing into a depth and breadth of you knowing that you have moved out on that pathway to a point of "No Return". No returning into the Old.

Your are finding that the end of the contract of a certain relationship is the final cord that you need to cut to move to a place of safeness within the Self and opening up to begin the first chapter of your New Testament. Many of you are at the last 10-15 pages of the Old and final chapter of the Old Life, the Old lifetime that you came here to live. What you are now realizing is the New Lifetime that you have come here to live.

Everything up to this point was a myth. As the contracts are expiring the myth is expiring. The myth of the Old is expiring. The myth of the Old lifetime for you in this lifetime is expiring.

What you are finding is that each of you is faced with choices at this time. There are aspects of your life that need to be put in chronological order of importance. We ask each of you to move into a place of silence and ask your self,

"What are the five main aspects of my life in this moment, this place in time where I AM?

Begin by asking your self Where Am I?

When you move into the silence within your self, look for the five main aspects of your life and list them. 

We ask you to write this down spontaneously.

What are the five main aspects of your life that come to you immediately?

It is time to move into the spontaneity of Joy.

We ask you in this meditative state to move into the depth and breadth of your heart space. 

Follow what leads you there.

Then open up and as the five aspects come to you write them down immediately.

Then move into a place of silence and allow your self to ruminate over them.

Many of you will see them arrange and rearrange at levels of importance and what you will find is that you will move and jump from the heart space to the mental body.

Many feelings will come up. Feel them and begin to integrate them.

Jeff Fasano, is a soul photographer, a trance channel for Archangel Michael and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart.

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