Thursday, February 12, 2015

TEACHINGS OF MICHAEL: Self-Introspection by Jeff Fasano

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


You are becoming more transparent to yourself and others in the transition period. In order to fully move from the narcissism of the me it is important to release any extraneous activities outside of yourself. If in fact in the depth and breadth of your heart space there is a great sense of love others, the focus we suggest be on your needs and the needs of these wonderful and glorious souls. Quite possibly it would be support and guidance and love. All is in order and all is perfect.

What is most important is self introspection. Look at the extraneous drama and glamour in relationships. The core souls in your life will have the choice to come together. As you are moving into We Consciousness look at the extraneous drama and glamour outside of yourself in relationships, the human aspect of relationship. Begin to look at your soul connections, the connections based upon your soul's divine plan. These are not based upon attachments or any extraneous drama and glamour but the core essence of the connection. You can now gather your soul's core group to come together for a grand healing process. This will only take place if in fact each individual moves through a self introspection process to see the attachments in relationships, the drama and glamour created in relationships that only the human can create through their wounding. Once again, it is about facing yourself.

You no longer can run and hide from yourself.  In many ways you have doing this. You can no longer run and hide from yourself.  

You can no longer run and hide from the soul core connection. You can no longer run and hide and blame and shame. You can no longer run and hide and say, "this one is doing this, this one is doing that, they should be doing this the way I would like them to be." Self introspection dear ones, to move into the core aspect of self.

We leave you with this, where are you still creating drama and glamour in relationships outside of you?

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