Wednesday, February 25, 2015

THE AKASHIC RECORDS: Ever Lasting Energy by Phillip Elton Collins


Co-founder of the Angel News Network

At this time let us discuss the type of energy that is responsible for maintaining and sustaining all life: the type of energy that is responsible for us being telepathic; an energy that moves far beyond the individual connecting everything. How this energy works is one of the key elements missing in most natural science’s awareness of the human being.

Everything on and in this planet has an energetic frequency that connects to the frequency that matches it. Energy flows in the direction of and connects with the energy that attracts it; this is from the Law of Attraction from Archangel Uriel. Our consciousness creates a field of attraction that magnetizes energy to us, allowing corresponding energetic frequencies to attach themselves to us.

Within many spiritual and metaphysical teachings we are being taught that at present we are rising (ascending) our vibrations/frequency/energy to achieve a higher state of consciousness/beingness; moving from the wounded, dualistic me consciousness to unified, healed we consciousness/oneness. That this is our destiny as we evolve from a dense carbon based reality to a higher energy light based body. This rising of human energy is consistent with what is taking place within the planet itself; an ascension process of returning to the high energy of light from whence we all came: this being the divine cycle of all planets. Thus everything within and upon the planet, including us, will become the same high energy frequency/vibration.

During each incarnational cycle we are given a lifetime supply of energy. What we do with this energy through our freedom of choice and will (our beingness) is up to each of us. GOD'S GLOSSARY: A Divine Dictionary defines energy as a divine and unfailing source with no limit; an inherent power; all things are comprised of energy; energy is the basis of everything; eternal; the vitality of God and humanity, and all life; all powerful and empowering; everything is energy; creates spiritual and physical power; core of all existence; cannot be destroyed.

Also during each lifetime we are given the choice to activate our soul plan, our reason to be here, with the energy given. In effect there is an interconnection between an individuated soul plan and the personal energy/vibration configuration. This energy pattern is as unique as your eye cornea or fingerprint since each person is an unique expression of creation; knowing the universe would be incomplete without each and every one of us.

What activates the energy we are given are our emotions and thoughts which are creating our reality all the time. Our emotions and thoughts create vibrations which are a physical activity with an energetic effect that we can experience. These vibrations contain information that our senses can actually read. When we are around people we can read their ‘vibs’ whether they are positive or negative. The personality traits of an individual are create by these energetic vibrations. Telepathic, silent communication is transported on the wave lengths of these vibrations, as well as long distance healing. On an energetic subconscious level what affects one, affects all. This is the energetic basic of oneness. Quantum theories are in the process of understanding the role of consciousness (bands of energy) in the relationship between energy and physical matter. The awareness of ourselves as divine expressions of power and worthiness attracts higher frequencies that manifest as happiness, joy, peace and abundance.  So we create what we focus on. Let us become more conscious what we choose to focus on, remembering the god power within each of us. What we often fear most within us is this power.

What is taking place is that emotional and mental patterns precipitate energy into material manifestations. In effect, when energy combines with emotions and thoughts creation takes place. Until our natural sciences catches up, it is known in ancient wisdoms that physical objects have a  data base of the information contained in the energetic influences. Energetic vibrations can actually become a part of physical surroundings as a sort of residue. 

Have you ever walked into a room and felt uncomfortable there? Or picked up an object and felt strange or joyful about it? Negative energy/vibrations can be cleared by energy exercises, breathing techniques, and washing and positive ones received and enjoyed. 

(Some of the most complete  and powerful energetic exercise are contained  in THE SECOND COMING, THE ARCHANGEL GABRIEL PROCLAIMS A NEW AGE,  page, 326, by Joel D. Anastasi, trance channeled by Robert Baker).

The most essential aspect of energy for the individual is its use within soul growth and expansion; the activation of the soul plan (the reason to be here).  Through the activation of the soul plan via the energies of the emotions and thoughts the individual discovers who they are and why they are here. Talents and gifts are revealed and projected out into the world through a loving relationship with self. All of this becomes a self-empowered transformation of embracing your higher self, allowing service to others and the planet through Universal Laws and Truths. A new awareness/consciousness of living spirit energy can become a part of everyday life.

Through raised consciousness, a personal transformation introduces the oneness of all life, a love and tolerance for all, as well as an acceptance, compassion and forgiveness for all erroneous belief systems, including all religions. The energetic activation of the soul plan becomes a template for individual growth and development through the raised personal energy/vibration and raised consciousness.

The energy given within each life time allows three essential tools for soul plan activations: (1) knowing the truth; who you are and why you are here, (2) the entrainment of the energy becoming application, and (3) the readiness to commit to using the energy for the highest good of self and others.

Become aware any disruption of energy serves to bring you clarity. Out of chaos comes creation.  Our teaching tools are often disguised in a disruption of energy. We are here to learn and grow and this can be possible from joy or pain, which you can choose either through your freedom of will and choice.

One of the most powerful uses of energy is through the vibration of the spoken voice. The emotion and thought becomes a word which becomes an action; and all things become possible.  The spoken word co-mingles with the soul plan through raised consciousness, and we connect with our divinity. 

The mission of The Angel News Network is to raise the consciousness, resonance and vibration of the world through the teaching and tools received from higher realms; thus allowing spiritual growth and ascension. As we use our energy to intend on creating a new world paradigm of We Consciousness/ Unity,  we embody the intention of the energy used, and we create the life we say we want; communities of equality, harmony and balance.

We come to see ourselves empowered, supported and guided by the energies we bring into our lives. We first and foremost focus on healing self, allowing the healed me to mirror out into the  we.  We come to know that our energetic soul is the sum total of all we have experienced, believed, felt, thought, applied through energy.

Finally, we feel and know we are every aspect of God/Creation/Source/ALL THERE IS experiencing itself bringing creation’s energy into the world manifesting a unique vibration that mirrors the divine. Be aware of yourself as divine, and you will connect with the highest energetic vibrations that allow your divinity to manifest.  Consciously reject anything less than the divine, and it will not exist in your life. You have the power to create the life you say you want; one of joy, peace, abundance and love. Let us be the best use of our God-given energy. What do you choose?

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