Saturday, February 28, 2015


A Message from Your Creator

Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Daughters and Sons being human,

We are your Cosmic Mother and Father, a combination of the balanced universal divine feminine and masculine energies, coming to you at a crucial time within the evolution of your planet and species. Your destiny and birthright is to evolve into a higher state of consciousness, by raising your vibrations/frequencies through a universal process called Ascension. This will allow you to create a world of equality, harmony and balance through We Consciousness/Unity in order to be in world service ( moving from the unhealed me to the healed we). An essential aspect of this process is you accepting and knowing and applying you being the co-creators of your existence. You are a direct extension/child of your Cosmic Mother and Father, your Creator.  

You have many of our same powers within you and your time of full self-empowerment has come.  This is not unlike your Superman story where he discovers his original and true powers and how to use them for the good of all. There have been many forces within your paths to prevent you from knowing this truth; especially your fear or disbelief of the divine power that lies within you. The time of awaking is upon you!

Dear Children of Creation no matter how things appear in your outside world, and within yourself you are transmuting from childhood to adulthood through the acceptance of you being divine beings, co-creating your reality.  If you so choose, it is time to know we are The Founding Family of Creation. Throughout transitioning yourself from children to adults you will transform your world into one of equality, harmony and balance. Through accepting with compassion our co-creatorship the mission of this planet to learn to love is being achieved.

We fully understand that the reality of you as co-creators may be challenging for many. You have been taught otherwise for a long time.  It may be an intellectual idea but not an actual truth. But a new teaching and learning is upon you, dear Children. You were originally created to be co-creators with the divine and that is what is awakening now. Through your present ascension process you are coming to a complete comprehension of what and how being co-creators means.

Through your ownership of the reality of being co-creators you are joining your divine Father, Mother and Family. Through your false teachings you have been dumbed down to not remembering or knowing that all of what we spoke of now is true. When you look at your outside world and many personal lives in constant upheaval of duality, separation and confrontation it is challenging to know you are who you are. But the mask of not knowing is dropping dear children. The governmental, religious, financial, and personal challenges creating emotional, mental and physical imbalances can create a feeling of powerless. This allows a victimhood consciousness that can be only transformed through ownership (a way you have chosen to learn what you need to learn the way you need to learn it). Victimhood says you are a powerless outsider who can never transform your life and world. This outsider attitude creates an erroneous belief system that you are helpless.  This feeling is what is creating the terrorism in your world today reflected in inequality, environmental and energy issues. As an outsider you remain personally or globally unaware of the people around you who can utilize your compassion and help; even if it’s only for them to be heard.

Dear Children you are disempowering yourselves rather than self-empowering yourselves, by not participating in stopping the abuse of your home planet, making other choices on who governs your world, holding leaders accountable for transparency and truth, or that you can comfort another who is in pain.

You are being bombarded with more information than ever before within your recorded history. Much of this is negative. This negativity and the addiction to the communication technology create a negative perception.  Dear Children your emotions and thoughts are creating your reality. Are your emotions joyful and your thoughts manifesting magic or are you focusing on the next possible dilemma.  

Here is the good news: no matter what your personal conscious level or spiritual consciousness there is a co-creator DNA molecule within each of you that is an essential aspect of your divine birthright. This divine aspect is always within you. There have been many forces throughout your history that have accepted to access or control this birthright but they cannot and will not.  This co-creator conscious is a living aspect of the planet and you upon and within it. It is through your emotions, thoughts and choices that we are continuously co-creating together. Your use of your free will (something else no one can take away from you) is a limitless creative ingredient to the unchangeable Laws of Cause and Effect. Each time you make a choice, together We activate a chain of events with both intended and unintended consequences (applying the cosmic equation: Responsibility = Consequence).

As an essential aspect of the activation of your soul plans is that you are realizing there is a determination that governs the activity of physical life.  The Law of Cause and Effect maintains and sustains the actions of material matter. There is an aspect of creation that is not determined by the Law of Cause and Effect. These two aspects exist within We, The Creator and you.

We, The Creator have an impersonal aspect, called Divine Empowerment, which powers the physical forces within the Universe.  There is also a personal aspect of We, The Creator as the Divine Mother and Father. This aspect has been identified as your I AM PRESENCE, your consciousness within that is always aware. Dear Children it is this awareness that views all that manifest inside and outside you. It is this awareness that reveals the non-determining aspect/dimension of life. You are in the third dimension of feelings, thoughts and physical bodies and within the process of ascending to higher dimensions of love and light.

You quantum sciences have begun to observe and further explore the interaction of the above dimensions through the study of the interaction of electrons and atoms.  You natural sciences are beginning to intersect with spiritual science. You have learned that energetic forces behavior cannot always be predicted without factoring in awareness/consciousness; it is the same with you. Many of your choices cannot be predetermined since you are gifted with free choice and will. It is your free will and choice that prevents predetermination. We, The Creator do not interfere with your future choices but once you determine a choice the Laws of the Universe determine the effect of your actions/choices If you cannot follow this  simply know within your hearts, dear Children, all is in divine order. There are many Laws and Equations keeping all of Creation in balance. It is your destiny to eventually master them all.

It is your free will and choice that eternally connects us to our co-creative reality. So, dear Children what will We co-create together?  How about a world of equality, harmony and balance where you become the master teachers of your world in full service to one another and the world!

If remember only one thing from this message and teaching let it be and know and understand it is your divine birthright to be in full co-creative relationship with the forces that created you. We are expressions of one another. Whether you are aware of it or not you are already creating your life within each and every one of the now. So We ask you, “What type of life is it that you say you want? What kind of life are you actually creating now? What kind of life can we create together tomorrow?”

In reality, dear Children it is not what happens to you in life (as a learning tool you are choosing) but how you choose in your free will to respond.  Within your soul plan’s limitless creative capacity, you are always co-creating past, present and future into the now allowing another choice.  When you are not sure what you need to do, do what you can dear Children, and then hand it over to We in higher realms; let go and hand it off to your Co-Creator!

As we began this message/teaching We realize your world is experiencing a great clearing and cleansing from inequality, and lack of harmony and balance. Look out in your world and begin to realize that your needs are the same (even those who seem so different) and there is plenty for all. Realize dear Children that change is a process of your healing from the inside out and bringing that healed you out into the world. Our making the world a peaceful, loving place is our true Co-Creatorship! There are many tools and teachings coming to you from higher realms. You are not powerless.  Are you ready to apply them?

Dear Children true healing begins with nurturing by allowing yourself and others to be heard in order to awaken your divine, authentic sense of self. You and your world are divinely changing. It is your destiny to do so. Together, We are building a better tomorrow that you and your children can come back to. Can you see everything about you and your world as a reflection of what needs to change and how We are being/doing this as a Co-Creation.

Things will change when each and every one of you help create the change. You are all responsible for the past and present which becomes the future which becomes the now.  Where and when do you wish to take our conscious Co-Creation dear Children? Remember you are divine children becoming adult of a loving Creator. Together We are bringing higher consciousness spirit into the Earth. Our collective creation is within our hearts and hands…What do you choose as you move from childhood to adulthood?

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