Saturday, February 21, 2015

THE AKASHIC RECORDS: Changing Our Comprehension of Change - A process of Inside Out by Phillip Elton Collins


Retrieved from The Akashic Records
Received by Phillip Elton Collins
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

You might be familiar with the phrase change is all there is. What exactly does this mean, and what is change’s relationship with ourselves and our world?  What is the meaning, value and purpose of change? Let us tap into the cosmic wisdom of the Akashic Record and see what clarity this universal library of knowledge and change can bring…

Ever since the creation of this planet and the origin of humanity there has been nothing but change. Humanity is within the ascension process of learning the truth of the origin of the planet and itself. We only have a piece of the puzzle at present and soon we shall be ready to receive the true, complete history of the beginning of our home planet and we within and upon it. This is a teaching that is beginning to be presented to humanity, and will create the greatest change ever in our world. (This writer and others have presented a new creation story for this world and humanity).

As stated, since the beginning of the world there has been nothing but change; this is the same for our human physical bodies made of the same atoms and energy as the planet. You have been taught that every few years you actually create new cells, thus a new you, throughout your entire physical body. This is a signal of our true immortal state-of-being. In reality we can never die, just change our physical bodies between lives (while maintaining the same spiritual being). Some day this physical body shifting will change as we are destined to become immortal beings living in the same energetic bodies forever growing and expanding.

Change can often feel like chaos. Chaos is an essential aspect of creation which is comprised of construction and destruction. There is always a breakdown followed by a breakthrough in creating the new. Change is all about changing from the old to the new world and you. Actually stored within our  DNA cells are the memory of the creation of this world and you.  We are learning how to access this wisdom by moving from unconsciousness to consciousness (waking up).  

As the Earth clears and cleanses herself through change (geo activities), so do we humans through a personal process of knowing who we are and why we are here (a process of inside out). Change for humanity is way showing our ultimate pathway back into our divinity; man power becoming god power.

Human emotions, thoughts and thus activities are also responsible for many Earth changes such as the creation of weather and some geological events. These are stored in the atmosphere and interior of the planet. Once these energies reach critical mass they create an event, a change. We are waking up to the energetic correlation between the planet and ourselves. Our individual and collective consciousness’s are learning tools allowing us to learn the lessons we need to learn.  We are, indeed one; planet and humanity.

There have been several golden ages (Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Mayan, Aztec, etc.)  on this planet that have been stepping stones of change to our final destination of evolving into a higher state of being into We Consciousness’/Unity. Each past golden age slowly allowed humanity to wake up through the change of growth and expansion. Again, the greatest change is through a personal process (inside out) of loving self and mirroring that love to others and the planet. This change has been called the activation of our soul plans (reason to be here).

The time has come for the planet (as we) to return to the light from whence we came (the destiny of all planets). This the grandest change of all! Thus all within and upon the planet are given the choice through free will to do the same. This journey/change back to the light (divinity) is the personal process responsibility of each individual moving inside out to love and oneness.  No one can be forced to do this and no one can do it for us.

So all the change we experience within our many lifetimes on this planet is not about changing the planet but changing/transforming ourselves moving from the wounded me to the healed we.  We often have forgotten our purpose in being here or remembering who we are (divine beings having a human experience) or knowing why we are here (to learn to love). All the changing events in our world and personal lives are to remind us who we are and why we are here. Our divine destiny/evolution responds by stimulating consciousness/awareness, thus change.

Let us not further give our power away to governments, religions, and corporations but have these organizations reflect our self-empowerment and love of self and one another creating communities of equality, harmony and balance, the needed change. 

All the global terrorism and upheaval at present in our world is a cry to bring us together and to help one another through change. There is enough for everyone!. Let this be our common ideal in spite of cultural, religious, racial or gender differences.

Imbalances through abusing our planet or separation amongst ourselves radiates out throughout the solar system, galaxy and universe. What effects one, affects all. There is a divine relationship between humanity and ALL THERE IS that requires the application of the Universal Laws of Love.  Since we came and are divinity we are being asked to be divine. When we are out of balance with creation, change is created to bring us back into balance; so we can change ourselves and thus our world.

Let us know the changing events in our world and lives today are to enable us to remember who we are and why we are here. The purpose of change is mirroring the shift taking place within the planet herself (returning to light and love). Humanity and Mother Earth, as one being, are changing, growing and expanding in our consciousness of self and our relationship with creation.

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