Wednesday, February 18, 2015

TEACHINGS OF MICHAEL: Contracts and Relationships by Jeff Fasano

 Teachings of Archangel Michael
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

Contracts and Relationships

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael.

We come to you at this wonderful and most glorious time as you are now moving into a place of the actualization of Self.

Dear Ones, many are moving into a place of defining you and being "self actualized", being your self. Actualizing your self in a steadfast manner where you are proficiently moving forward and releasing the attachments that you had come into this lifetime with.

We are speaking to you about what you have come into this lifetime with and what you are releasing and what you are moving to a conclusion with.

You are moving to a conclusion, in many aspects of your life, with what no longer resonates for you as you move towards World Service in We Consciousness.

It is most important that you now ready your self and open to the depth and breadth of the gloriousness of multi-dimensional reality.

You have all been chosen and have chosen this path toward Self Mastery, and as you move on this path you find that you are coming to conclusions where relationships are concerned. 

Conclusions where the end of the so-called "contract" is concerned.

As these contracts and conclusions come to you, you are finding your self standing alone in the world and beginning to understand aloneness. As the contracts with various wonderful and glorious souls in your lifetime in this lifetime are ending, you are finding you are coming to a place of aloneness. As you move through the gateway you have opened onto the pathway toward what it is you say you want, you are standing in a place of aloneness. You may look over your shoulder and see that you have ventured quite a distance on the pathway and perhaps feeling as if you are in a place called "No Man's Land".

The contracts written prior to this lifetime with various wonderful and glorious souls are coming to a close and the expiration date is coming up. This varies for each and everyone of you and there are an inordinate amount of feelings coming up because you are in the final chapter of letting go of all the attachments that you have to anyone and anything outside of your self.

You are moving to a place, because you have made a steadfast commitment toward Self Mastery, where you are realizing feelings coming up to a greater depth than you have ever felt before. You are opening up to the depth and breadth of the gloriousness of the self realizing that nothing outside of yourself matters where World Service is concerned. It is all about You and not about You at the same time. It is about your talents and gifts that each and every one of you are discovering and beginning to own. You are now beginning to own and embody your talents and gifts and moving into a place of knowing what it is you came here for and came here to do by just Being You.

As these contracts are expiring you are finding yourself standing on that pathway alone. The depth and breadth of feelings are coming up because you are looking at these relationships and the attachments to these wonderful and glorious souls and realizing why you had this relationship and entered into this contract, a pre-third dimensional lifetime aspect of that contract. It is very important for you to know that the contract was signed, sealed and delivered prior to your soul fragment entering into this third dimensional realm, into this lifetime.

The duration of this contract varies from soul to soul.

You are finding as the contracts are ending you are letting go of old paradigms and patterns and many are looking at those wonderful and glorious souls where this contract pervades, and having a myriad of feelings about that person.

The feelings may vary from joyousness and love to despise and anger.

It is time to look at these wonderful and glorious souls and see the contract.

Take the time to find out what you have learned in this relationship or these relationships. Look at where your energy is best spent because these relationships are the proxy for the old in your life.

Is there one poignant relationship that has taught you much?

What you have learned is now allowing you to close the contract on your end, regardless if this person even knows about the contract.

It allows you to end the contract, look at the expiration date of the contract whether it is in print or energetically and realize that you are now coming to endings.

These endings may frighten you.

They frighten you because once again Dear Ones as you move into the depth and breadth of the silence, the void, the darkness and these endings approach, you are finding that there is nothing to hold onto any longer.

The safety net, the security net is no longer feasible in your life.You are realizing that the only safety net that you have is You. The most important aspect of it all is You.

You are finding that these endings are coming but it is now time to look at the endings as beginnings.

Jeff fasano is a soul photographer, trance channel for Archangel Michael and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart

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