Friday, February 20, 2015

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN: Elements of Eternal Youth & Immortality by Phillip Elton Collins

Inspired by Archangels Chamuel and Charity
By Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humans,

You are eternal spiritual beings having a human experience. You’ve all heard this phrase. You somewhat understand the concept of immortality as part of your spiritual components, but what elements are necessary for you to actually manifest your divine destiny to be eternally youthful and immortal?


ONE: Within every present moment, intend and reiterate your intention to be youthful and immortal. The Universe is a fax machine and will deliver exactly what the impeccability, or not, of your emotions, thoughts, words, or actions send to it.

TWO: Maintain and sustain absolute constancy in your intentions and willingness to be and do what the higher realms are teaching you about how to manifest what it is you say you want. The path to your destination lies within you, not outside yourself. It is waiting to be awakened by your awareness (consciousness). The solution has never been a secret, it has always been inside you, but you have ignored opening the door. For eons you have looked outside yourself for an external source to tell you what to do. The solution is your true spiritual transformation.

THREE: Accepting with compassion, thus forgiving and knowing that the external sources (Mom, Dad, religion, government, etc.) are not the solution. The solution is your relationship with you; creating a self-loving relationship will empower you to your destination.

FOUR: Your DNA is the next essential element. Your DNA evolves at the speed that you evolve in your consciousness and increases your love of self and others. Your body is a reflection (mirror) of consciousness. As it evolves, your emotional, mental, and physical bodies will begin to mirror the raised consciousness you have achieved. Evolving into your eternal youth and immortality has always been inside you; your raised consciousness has to activate it.

FIVE: Your emotions, thoughts, words, and actions are the fifth element. Do you see yourself as good enough and worthy enough to achieve what you desire? What is the quality of your internal dialogue or dialogue with others? Does it always reflect what it is you say you want to achieve? Remember, you are eternal beings, with only the limits you are taught or place upon yourself. Do not allow anyone or anything to limit you!

SIX: Your eternal youth and immortality are a state of being. To activate this truth, you must unite with it and become it. Eternal youth and immortality are a 5-D tool of pure light (who you truly are). In order to activate this light, you need to increase the light within all the cells of your physical and etheric bodies. You then need to clear and cleanse (which many of you are in the process of now during this ascension opportunity) your emotional body of all negative emotions, monitor your thoughts, and think like an ascended master (where you are headed). Allow your believing mind to fully go back in service to the knowing heart that knows exactly how to be and do all this! Begin to know and see what an amazing vessel your physical body is. It is up to all individuals to change their perception regarding their bodies and learn how to utilize their full potential that they are innately endowed with.

SEVEN: Begin to live the new life you have found and no longer need to seek. Eternal youth and immortality are located in your very own mind and heart. You will be surprised and delighted when you realize how simple it is to be who you truly are.



Is there such a thing as eternal youth?
Is it really real?
If so, how do we appeal,
To reveal it?

Let us see if we can unmask,
And move away the trash
In order to mix the recipe
To maintain and sustain
What remains, forever?

One Mighty Ascended Master
Has called eternal youth,
God’s gift to Himself to His creation.

He goes on to explain,
Eternal youth is the flame of God
Abiding in the body of man,
Making him over, forever, more.

As we look closer at this youthful recipe
We see,
Eternal perfection can only be rightly achieved
By permanently casting out
All dense, negative light, in order to get it right.

There must be peace, love and light
Expressed in the outer self
For eternal youth and beauty
To be expressed as a Supreme Duty.

Youth, beauty and perfection
Are the attributes of
Love, which the God-Self
Is continually sustaining
And maintaining in its creation.

Through your emotions and thoughts
You can create vibrations
That shift your relations
Of self and others
Into a youthful formula,
Forming immortality.

For only feeling separate from self and Source,
Can you prevent eternal youth and beauty,
Coming forth…

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  1. Well thanks for the gift of this excerpt. I hope it’s a self-contained piece (even though it’s from the book)! I have printed it and I have listened to the embedded videos. The experience has been calming.