Thursday, February 12, 2015

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN! East/West Struggle by Phillip Elton Collins

By Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Current Events Bulletin from the Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR)

Beloved Children of Earth,

What you continue to see in your world’s current events is your continued fight for separation, reflecting your wounds and ego defenses. Who is right, who is wrong, and who is in control?

Dear ones, there is neither right nor wrong nor control! When are you going to learn and know this wisdom that lives within your KNOWING hearts? Your present East/West divide is “a fight to be right,” concealing much deceit and denial of that deceit. Governments reflect the people they are governing. Do you wish to make some new choices that reflect your higher selves?

Hidden behind your governmental blusters are the real reasons to control the planet’s natural resources; resources that only your Mother Earth truly possesses, that support her life stream, thus, the well-being of all life upon and within her body. We of the archangelic and other realms cannot interfere with your freedom of will/choice, nor do we have any desire to do so. But we do desire to assist your awakening and destiny to evolve into a higher state of being.

The irony and blessing within your current “world drama” is that most of your developed world is now economically tied together; what affects one, affects all. This just may be your saving grace, dear ones. Your real threat to one another is the wounded and ego defense behavior of those you choose or allow to be in power, dear ones. If you choose, it is time to stop giving your power away to those who do not support the highest good of all the people.

If you choose, dear humanity, it is time to take your power back. We have gifted you with cyberspace communication systems that allow you to free yourself from those who attempt to control you. Can you release yourselves from the abuses and addictions associated with these communication systems and use them as intended? Within higher realms none are allowed to lead or sit in council unless they have achieved true spiritual growth.

Your transportation (it is your destiny to teleport) and communication systems (soon you will resume your telepathy) can link you all together in communities of equality, harmony, and balance. Can you begin to see you cannot survive without one another; that you are truly one? You don’t have to kill one another to arrive at this truth! Can you see the folly in all the “sword waving,” and that the emperor truly has no clothes? Your self-empowerment is the clothes, dear ones.

YOU are the loving self-empowerment, not others. You are discovering the divine power within yourselves, a process of inside out, not outside in. Since your governments reflect the people they govern, why not send a new reflection out into the world—one of We Consciousness and truth—remember, “WE THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE.”

If you so choose, stand up, Beloved Children of Earth, and let yourself and your leaders know that their wounds, ego defenses, and hidden agendas (at your expense) are no longer within your soul plan!



There is so much waiting
From higher realms to be given,
To humanity when we are ready,
And steady enough to receive it.

These new truths and wisdoms
Will change our lives for the better
Whether we know it now or not.
When we have the credentials,
The essentials will be revealed.

When mankind stops generating,
And creating destruction throughout
The land, we shall land in a new paradigm,
That will swell into heaven.

Through our disastrous feelings and thoughts,
Spread to the seen and unseen worlds,
Our intense vibrations are placed in many places and spaces.
They hook themselves to humanity,
And we create insanity, again and again.

Humanity seems to have no understanding
Of what happens when we send
Our hateful stuff out into the rough.
Of life.

The feeling aspect of us is feminine,
From the activity of our heart space.
The thought side is masculine,
From the activity of our mental body.

Let us now allow the male and female to balance,
As the mind returns into service to heart,
So we never have to part again.

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