Wednesday, February 25, 2015

TEACHINGS OF MICHAEL: What is Important and Where is Your Focus! by Jeff Fasano

Teachings of Archangel Michael

Channeled by Jeff Fasano

What is Important and Where is your Focus?

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you at this wonderful and most glorious time.

You are moving into the greatness of self, the grandness of self and the wonderment of self, as you move through this time-space continuum in a more rapid fashion in your earthly plane. As time is speeding up in your earthly plane it is taking it's toll on many, it is passing many by. It is now time Dear Ones, to look at what is most important to you in your life. 

Where are you placing your focus and expending your energy? It's now about releasing the extraneous aspects of your life that contain drama and glamor, and focusing on that which you deem as most important. Where are you now ready to expend your time and energy? Each one of you is moving into a greatness of self, a grandness of self and a powerfulness of self. We ask each of you to consider where you are spending your time and energy and upon what are you focused as the third dimensional realm is now shifting and changing rapidly. Your relationship to yourself and to the third dimensional realm is shifting and changing and it's time to see what is important to you where it concerns world service and coming together in WE consciousness. 

Look at your old relationships, see the drama and glamor, and how the drama and glamor prevented you in many ways from having an authentic relationship. Through our teachings you have been educated so you can move through your personal process and open up to the grandness of self and begin to now move into WE consciousness in community, harmony, equality and an all-inclusiveness with others. It's about looking deeper within yourselves to see where you are focusing your attention and placing your time and energy. Are you focusing on the drama and glamor in relationships and the drama and glamor around you? What are you focusing upon that you can now bring to the world and the universe, and allow it to heal within you so you can now get on with task at hand?

Are you entering into the New Age as the spiritual Wayshower and Lightworker? Do you know your purpose, mission and passion in this world? You're now at a gateway that is ready to open for you. Are you languishing, sinking and indulging in your old patterns, behaviors and paradigms? Are you ready to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get ON WITH IT through acceptance, compassion and love of self? You're moving through the old paradigm of the aggressive male behavior in your third dimensional realm to an infusion of the feminine energy through acceptance and compassion. Can you have acceptance and compassion for where you are in your personal process? Are you continuing a personal process? Are you processing that which needs to be addressed so that you can move through the addictions, attachments, and blind spots by connecting with those that champion your highest good and can see that perhaps you are in a blind spot? Or do you choose to remain in that blind spot and continue to indulge and sink into your old behaviors? Can you now open up and move into a depth of truth of self that only lies within yourself? Can you now look into your own eyes and be truthful with yourself? It is now time to garner the education from what you've released in your physical world in your personal process. Can you now move beyond the present moment in time and see the greatness of your education, see the greatness of what you have learned and where you are? 

Many are now at a crossroads, perhaps asking: What do I do next? Do I choose to move through that new gateway that is opening up into WE consciousness, and look at my relationships and what needs to be healed? Where is WE consciousness present in the relationships, endeavors, groups and organizations you are a part of? It's now about reaching out to these relationships in WE consciousness and bringing together what needs to be brought together. It's about what you deem important to you as you now move through that gateway as the new age Lightworker and spiritual Wayshower. You are releasing the narcissism of the ME, and the need for validation and glamorization through your endeavors. Why are you choosing your endeavors? Why are you choosing to be a Wayshower and a Lightworker? It's now important 

Dear Ones to refine and define all of this.

Jeff Fasano is a soul photographer, a trance for Archangel Michael and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart.

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