Thursday, February 26, 2015

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Feelings

By spiritual journalist, Joel D. Anastasi

Archangel Gabriel  


Channeled by Robert Baker

Everything that you see around you is an aspect of you. Everything that everyone experiences you can identify with on one level or another. Now you can accept it or not according to how you are able to accept and integrate it into yourself. So, in other words, when you can accept all of your feelings in yourself, then you are no longer ruled by your feelings or your emotional body because you are no longer trying to avoid anything, which then keeps it in your face as resistance and produces the pain of avoidance.

If you are able to accept all of your feelings within yourself, then you have no problem in relationship to others because you will not be using them to either get rid of a feeling or give you a feeling. Therefore, you will no longer be creating desires and attachments with other people for them to determine your experience of reality, your feelings or lack of feelings, your positive or negative feelings. 

When you can accept all of your feelings and take responsibility for your own behavior, your own choices, so that your choices are not determined by someone else, then you don't make someone else responsible for the experiences that you have in life.

You are responsible for your own experiences in life by what you choose, how you choose and through what kind of commitment you choose. Whether it is to try to avoid something or whether to accept and love something. That makes you free. Every aspect of another human being is an aspect of yourself because you are a part of the collective consciousness and you are a part of every experience that every human being has. And you will go through all the growth patterns that they go through. And they will experience the same thing with you because everything that you see around you is a part of your growth process, your learning process, your unification process.

You will then see where you are able to unify within yourself or not according to what you are able to accept within yourself or not as you see mirrored around you. For instance, you know that if you are fighting a feeling, you will have people and circumstances around you that will give you the opposition necessary so that you can continue to fight that feeling.

Joel: So if I don't like certain people, they'll keep showing up?

Gabriel: Oh yes, because it'll be based upon the feelings they evoke or seem to evoke. It's not that you don't like the person. It's that you don't like how you feel when you're in relationship with him or her. You don't like the things the person does that evoke certain feelings with which you're not at peace. You can't love that part of yourself or accept that part of yourself; therefore, you're not going to accept that behavior in the other. 

In any given situation all you need do is ask yourself: how do I feel? Then when you ask yourself how you feel, ask yourself: am I honoring what I need in this situation-or not? Now, based upon how I feel, if it's a negative feeling that comes up, obviously there is something within yourself that you are not honoring because it's evoking a feeling you are having a difficult time accepting. So you need to ask yourself, what is it I need in this circumstance? What is it I need but have not expressed that is taking me out of balance, is making me resistant to what feelings are coming up? Because those feelings are coming up for a reason. 

They are coming up to indicate to me that there is a need behind this feeling that I'm not acknowledging. Behind every feeling you have is a fulfilled or unfulfilled need. If it is a negative feeling, then it usually is evocative of a need that has not been exercised, fulfilled, and/or identified.

For most people it is a need that has not been identified. So maybe somebody is dominating the conversation and I feel left out. I feel unheard. I feel unseen. What is the need behind those feelings that I am making the other person responsible for? The need for me is to speak up, to express my feelings or my opinion or my point of view or what is important to me in the situation, to give myself equal space and time in the situation to express who I am.

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