Monday, February 16, 2015

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN: Compassion For How You Chose to Learn by Phillip Elton Collins

From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Guardian
By Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humans,

If you could only feel the gratitude we of the higher realms have for the many challenging ways you have chosen to learn what you came here to learn, your hearts would burst. We applaud your often unknowing courage and determination to journey onward to your divine soul plan destinations. It has not been an easy pathway, but a necessary one to free you from all the constraints and restraints (you chose) that have polished and prepared you for your divine destiny to become the master teachers of the universe.

There was a time in your unrecorded past when things were united. There was a time when you loved in equality, harmony, and balance; you knew you were one with ALL THERE IS. For many reasons you chose for that to end; to get as far from Oneness as possible in order to journey back to it. The journey has given you the tools and teachings you now need to know in order for you to be able to teach this to others (the purpose of all this).

Humanity is in process to return to a frequency of consciousness that will allow the planetary and human species soul plans to fully activate: to learn how to love in order to use this mighty tool as a building block of a new world paradigm of Oneness. You are students in these human bodies encompassed within the Lover-versity of life. Your diploma is your multidimensional consciousness, knowing you are eternal beings of light in human form for a brief moment, to learn what you need to learn, and free yourselves into divine bliss.

Once you can be in this 3-D dimension and higher ones at the same time, your journey becomes much easier. This allows you to have the wisdom to know and remember you are in process; remembering/awakening that you live in a limitless universe that you are to experience and serve for eternity. No small mission, dear ones!

There have been many “bread crumb” teachings dropped along your pathway throughout time. Are you ready to pick up the crumbs and become who you are, and to fully embrace and embody why you came here? This teaching and others are here to assist you in remembering and finding what has been difficult for you to find. (See the many teachings within the Angel News Network that came directly from higher realms to further support you, The Angel News Network) These will create transformational self-empowerment.

In the past, there were dark forces that inserted corrupted belief systems into humanity. Many of you chose to adopt/accept these untrue beliefs into your lives and pass them on for generations. Many still exist today. This allowed others (the few controlling the many) to gain control and manipulate humanity. Remember, dear ones, it was part of your freedom of choice and will for this to take place, so you could learn the way you needed to learn. Perhaps there was no other way. So accept with compassion and forgive how you needed to learn. Keep your soul directed to where this is all leading—to the full activation of your soul plans in order to serve this world and others as master teachers. You have experienced all aspects of creation: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.

You are moving through the healing of the governments, organized religions, and corporations that wished to limit your freedom and attempted to control you. These are all based upon fear thinking. Fear is an absence of love; you are learning that you are love, and can give and receive love equally. You ultimately cannot be controlled, nor can anything/anyone else, dear ones. You are ready for these organizations that attempt to control you to now reflect the new paradigm of love of the people.

The governments, religions, and corporations of the past—and, to some extent, still in the present—have reflected you, the people. The Laws of Creation have reflected your emotions and thoughts, and those of these organizations, in your weather patterns and natural events. This is the only way your planet can clear and cleanse herself of your abuse and perhaps shift your consciousness. Have you ever noticed how people come together after a large storm or natural disaster? A tough way to learn, but it is your choice, dear ones.

Can you now develop compassion and perhaps even gratitude for how you have chosen to learn, and begin to see the divine perfection in it all? By taking ownership of it all, you empower yourself and begin to remember.



Love is the very Hub of Creation,
All love aspects are spokes
Off the hub creating a Wheel of Creation,
Manifesting loving elation.

Love is the Heart,
The force, the Source of all.
Can we now hear the call of our Hearts?
In scientific terms,
Love expresses itself
As the force between the source of electrons,
So everything can run.
Through love’s force
The electron is Pure Spirit
Or God’s Light,
Unconditional Love, Perfect,
All ways right.

The word is made flesh
Through the mesh of God’s love.

Sweet thoughts or compassionate feelings,
Are activities of love reelings,
Within the human mind and heart.

Whoever makes themselves
Fully available and sits at the table
Of The Law of Love
Is completely able to always stay at that table.

Through our free thoughts and feelings
We have the power
Within every hour
To sink to our lowest thought or feeling,
Or rise to the highest.

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