Sunday, February 1, 2015

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN: Competltion - Winning & Losing


From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Guardian

Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dearest Beloved Human Sisters and Brothers,

Life is not about winning nor losing nor competing with one another, dear ones, especially if others are harmed emotionally, mentally, or physically. Where in your lives are you still valuing competing with one another in business, education, sports, religions, and relationships with self and others?

While you may think you have something called “team spirit” (an illusion of oneness through an aspect of the assertive masculine energy), it often creates imbalances of “not good or worthy enough,” narcissism, and deceit, diminishing the human spirit. As many of you know, it is now time to balance the masculine energy with the receptive feminine energies (or you will not be able to evolve and proceed at this time).

The Divine Plan of your planet, Mother Earth, is to learn to “love one another” in equality, harmony, and balance. (Where have you heard that before?) It is your destiny, through your learning choices and freedom of will of separation/duality and lack and limitation, to reconnect from whence you came and to create a wondrous golden-age world of oneness. Dear ones, you can learn to play/interact in oneness while losing the need to either win or compete (an ego mental body attachment and comfort zone).

Once permanently reconnected to Source, together we shall manifest the reality of you humans becoming the master teachers of the multiverse. This is who you truly are and why you are here. Are you ready to know and take ownership of this mighty truth?

We of the Archangelic Realm of Uriel have for eons worked with you and your planet to evolve/advance into your divine destiny. Now is the present moment for all our collected efforts to be. Are you ready yet?

In unconditional love,

Archangel Uriel, loving and connecting you to all the essential aspects of your world and multiverse.


From Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages


There is a Magic Key in life
That unlocks and releases
The doors of all strife,
Through the Inner God-Power
That can be available
Each and every hour of your day.

The continual adoring and pouring
Of feelings of Peace and Harmony
To all humanity,
Eliminates calamity.

The essential intention of
Feeling Peace, Harmony and Serenity,
Will create ascended eternity.

Fortunate indeed are those
Who have mastered this truth.
Without it,
Humanity has no roof.

So we are speaking of
One of the nice Laws of Life,
In order to allow you to
Manifest Peace and Harmony.

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