Sunday, February 8, 2015

THREE GROUPS OF PEOPLE by Phillip Elton Collins


From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Guardian

Dear Beloved Children of Our Divine Earth,

How many of you are feeling loved and divine at this moment? As we once again focus on the intentions and purposes of people, we would like to share the following observation: there are three basic groups of people in your world at the moment. These groups are creating the world that you are currently experiencing.

  1. There are those of you who manifest and create newness in the world, serving the good of all. In your vernacular, “they make things happen.” They see themselves worthy enough to be who they are, knowing who they are and why they are here.

  2. There are those of you who simply watch what is happening, and who often judge it as a reflection of your relationship with self, not seeing self as good enough. There is no positive feeling into action.

  3. There are those of you who are blind to what is happening, indifferent, and hold on to the old, literally for dear life, with a deep fear of change or surrendering to not knowing.

Which are you, dear ones? People of numbers two and three often shame, blame, and judge those of number one, and, ironically, open themselves to be controlled by others. The peoples of number one are given the opportunity to choose to create a new paradigm of equality, harmony, and balance. These three groups have kept humanity in a push-and-pull cycle for eons. That is about to shift.

You each have a divine soul plan containing your purpose and reason to be here. What is yours, dear ones? At this time, take a deep breath and connect with your heart; connect with your talents and gifts that can and will be a direct expression of your divinity and love of self, and allow access to your soul plan.

Ask yourself, “Who am I? Why am I here?” Once you know the “who” and the “why,” the rest will appear/build with grace and ease. This awareness, this wisdom, will transform/transmute you into people number one (if you are not already there), and allow you to further heal self and move your weary world into communities of love and divinity.


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