Tuesday, February 17, 2015

THE AKASHIC RECORDS: Considering Karma by Phillip Elton Collins

Received from the Akashic Records

Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Fellow humans being human,

Throughout spiritual and metaphysical teachings there is much mention of karma. It has become an iconic word that is often misunderstood and misused. Let us pull some wisdom from the Akashic Record and see if we can achieve more clarity regarding this wondrous learning tool.

From GOD’S GLOSSARY: A DIVINE DICTIONARY,  the Akashic Record is defined as a complete cosmic record of all the wisdom of the universe; this planet’s soul plan (reason to be) and our individual soul plan are housed within this hall of wisdom; humanity is in the process of learning how to access this record stored in higher realms; some are now able to access and share this information.

Let us together take a deep breath and connect with this record on high and see what truth can be revealed regarding karma. As with all information received, pleased use your resonance and discernment within the receiving and giving of this information.

Some see karma in a rather negative light or mere fate or a punishment from the past which can create a feeling of helplessness. Karma is not often seen as a learning tool to assist humanity within its evolutionary journey to rediscover its divinity. The forces of creation are not here to punish, judge or harm us but to keep us and the universe within balance.

Our many incarnations on this planet are simply pathways of awakening and self-empowerment. This includes karma which has been created to empower not disempower us. Actually karma is a remembrance stored within the DNA cellular memory of our hearts and passed on from lifetime to lifetime. So in effect karma is not a lack or limitation it is a soul plan memory activated by life’s emotions, thoughts, thus energy.  So it can be as supportive and loving as it can be consequential and challenging.

So the concept of  karmic debt or ‘karma is a bitch’ could be replaced with seeing karma as a personal processing-attachment-memory that you can choose through your freedom of choice and will to factor into your life or not in order to learn from it and release it.  This could be an attachment to a person, place or thing that no longer serves your highest good or soul plan. Karma is often an unconscious attachment that becomes conscious. So in fact there is no such thing as karmic debt just the personal karmic remembrance that you can choose to release after learning from it what you need to learn (being worthy or good enough).

Another way to better understand, and explain karma is to show similar aspects elsewhere reflected in our beingness.  Showing the perfection in all creation, karma is actually rather similar to our own body’s integration process. In the same way we take in air, water or food and assimilate it, creating an either positive or negative effect; our energetic/ethic bodies ‘digest’ karmic remembrances stored within our cellular memories by the present life experiences/consequences it attracts to us.

In reality our past life experiences, talents and gifts come back to us in the present since they are stored within our cellular memory from life time to lifetime. Sometimes we resume uncompleted negative and positive relationships and see talents and gifts from a previous life come into the present; an example would be prodigies. A wonderful explanation of addiction is that it is created by unexpressed negative emotions expressed in the next lifetime. Some of this can prevent the full activation of the soul plan (our reason to be here): this requires knowing who you are and why you are here. There are many teachings from higher realms to assist us in answering these who and why questions.

Ultimately all these memories will be examined and resolved in order to create a shift in consciousness or an awakening of the self. It is essential to remember that even what we may call negative karmic memories are not basically right or wrong, good or bad, they are only memories. And we are not our memories. These memories are not so simply learning tools to learn what we need to learn the way we need to finally learn them once and for all. Whether our memories lead to positive or negative consequences is a matter of our freedom of choice and will; this is the most essential aspect of how we actually deal with the memory.

Freedom of will and choice is a human component that no one can take from us a ‘gift from the gods’ learning tool. For in reality it is the choices we made through our free will that determines an outcome, not karma.

Let us remember the golden goal of the ‘laws of karma’ is simply our growth and expanded consciousness; our waking up and remembering who we are (spiritual beings having a human experience) and knowing why we are here (to learn to love self, others and our world) in order to be in world service. We can do this through grace and ease, if we so choose.

Let us now create a new definition of karma and add it to GOD’S GLOSSARY: A DIVINE DICTIONARY. Karma is not a debt, it is not a punishment. It simply is an interchange of memory energy that your soul plan draws upon through experiencing all of life; positive karmic memories awaken your talents and gifts; negatives ones can call for a shift in behavior/consciousness.

As we enter the final 2,000 year Ascension cycle for this planet (returning to the light from whence we came) let us remember life is a divine ever unfolding personal process of growth and expansion leading to Oneness, thus our divinity.

The Light of Source Never Fails,
Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

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